Sierra Vector is a new creative agency for an interconnected world. We bring artists together to complete the projects that matter to you: web design, print layout, digital film production…in any medium, it’s the team that matters.

Structured Emotional Communication

Information architecture is central to our approach. So is emotion. When the two work together, audiences stop and take notice. But you’ve seen right through us, haven’t you? “Structured emotional communication?” “Information architecture?” These are just silly ways to say “storytelling.” We love storytelling.

Grand Jardin

Artists. Teams.

There’s a common vision of the artist as lone wolf–and, in a way, sometimes, it’s true. Artists–whether they’re painters, musicians, directors of photography, organizational gurus, graphic designers, or programmers who write beautiful code–need moments outside rigid institutional structures. For digital media, though, artists also need each other: the designer needs the programmer needs the architect; the actors need the DP needs the editor. As a company, Sierra Vector’s core disciplines are to recognize and recruit talent, then to assemble tight-knit teams of independent artists. Great teams make great art.

the tall grass

Functional is Beautiful

Art matters where it interacts with the world…which is why you’re here, isn’t it? Our job is to make that interaction happen. Sometimes that means writing efficient code to power a dynamic website. Sometimes it means getting your audio levels just right for broadcast. Regardless, a team that can effectively blend the technical and the creative is unstoppable. Bring it on.